How much is too much?

I’ve been on a roll recently.
The pub date for Ashes, Ashes is still 3 months away but since finishing final edits on it, I’ve given my agent 2 more revised/beta-okayed manuscripts and outlines for 3 or 4 other books.
I also outlined and wrote the first 3 chapters of a 3rd book.
And I am currently working on something else. Mostly just for the fun of it. I don’t know if my agent will be able to sell it, even, but the characters just wouldn’t leave me alone and I want to write their stories.

This might be mulish of me.
After all I am trying to make some sort of a living from my writing.
But I am also determined not to write books merely to sell them. My primary focus will always be to write the book that I want to write, the ones clamoring for my attention and keeping me up late at night.
I can’t control the market, I can only control my writing and the quality of it.
Also apparently the quantity of it.
My other concern is not overloading my agent with too many Jo projects.
The poor man does have other clients.
And I can just imagine editors rolling their eyes as yet another manuscript penned by me lands across their desk. (Yeah, I know this is a foolish notion but I still worry).
Anyway lately I have been caught up in obsessing about the future, so it feels good to turn my attention back to writing.
As a writer that’s where it should be.

How about you? Do you stagger your projects on offer? Do you worry about saturation? Do you think of yourself as a factory pumping out product?

3 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. I don’t believe the market is never likely to be saturated with books that demand to be written, to which the author has given heart and soul. Let’s all be brave and write what we love: down with production lines!

    1. Thanks Kath. I agree wholeheartedly.
      Besides the alternative is unbearable.
      Not writing.
      I have made up my mind to enjoy this flood of inspiration.

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