A Rose By Any Other…

3 months away from publication and things are heating up…

The lovely folks at Oasis Audio bought the rights to the audio book for Ashes, Ashes.

It’s already showing up on Amazon and Borders.

Here’s the purty artwork:

*strokes it*


And as if that wasn’t enough excitement, German language rights just sold as well. Ars Edition will be publishing the book. Just the idea of my words translated into a different language makes me squeal with delight.

I’ve seen the foreign editions of friends’ books and am always interested by the cover artwork changes and title changes and so of course I started daydreaming about how the German edition might differ from the American one.

Ashes, Ashes just translates as Aschen, Aschen, which is all well and good but not that different. So then I started to think of other possibilities.

How about these variations?:

1)Knusprig Holtz

2)Der Teenager, der zu einem knackigen verbrannt

3)Lucy totet eine Schildkrote

4)Holzhohle Holzkohle

5)Burn Burn New York

6)Die Pest ist nicht schon.

Want to know how they translate?

1) Crispy Wood

2)The teenager who burned to a crisp (sort of cashing in on the Hunger Games)

3)Lucy kills a turtle

4) Charcoal, Charcoal

5)Burn Burn New York

6)The Plague is not nice


I think 3, 4 and 6 are my favorite.

What do you think?





3 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other…

  1. (woops I commented over at goodreads and thought I was here, at your ACTUAL blog, but I wasn’t -I get confused like that, a kind of ongoing luddite-haze – here’s what I said)
    Hahaha I like number 6 the best. But they all tickle my fancy. I’m excited Jo, can’t wait to get this book.

  2. My vote’s for “Lucy Kills a Turtle”. (Maybe because, after Eichhoernchen for squirrel, Schildkrote is the coolest German word for an animal that I’ve learned so far.)
    Congratulations on your upcoming book and the German edition!

  3. Hi Lynn,
    I’m not a huge fan of the German language actually- I like the softer, vowel-ly romance languages- but I do like the hard sounds so Schildkrote is a keeper! Thanks for commenting!

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