Hurray (for epidermal thickening)!

So lately I’ve noticed that I have evolved a little. At least in regards to my book review sensibilities. I still maintain that I had to feel all those devastated emotions brought about by bad reviews to get to where I am now. I could not have made the leap solely based on rationale (because that would have been too easy and much less painful, and my brain does not work that way).

I have still decreased my internet googling time but I am not stricken with panic and fear whenever a notice pops up on my screen.

I used to feel like this:

And now I feel like this:


I’ve realized that opinions are like these:

See how they light hither and thither? Pausing to sup longer at one flower’s nectar than another? Perhaps disdaining one bloom’s distinctive yet undefinable odor?
Yeah I’m stopping with the analogies now.
But really, opinions vary so diversely there is no reason to them.
And that’s quite beautiful.