50 new followers= 50 embarrassing admissions

I wouldn’t say precisely that I am on the hunt for new blog followers. I like the ones I have just fine. We are familiar with each other. We are loyal. We enjoy each others company
I do have a new book (ASHES,ASHES) coming out next year (JUNE 1 2011 Y’all!) and so I thought I could try to entice new people to the blog.
It might just be that I have certain things weighing on my conscience and I feel the urge to admit them.
So I thought what I would do is this:
For every follower who signs up on the blog between now and October 11 2010 (Canadian Thanksgiving) I will tell you something embarrassing or silly from my past.
Up to 50.
Even I haven’t done more than 50 stupid things in my life (I think).
to get things started…
HELLO Juanita (*waves*)
I think you are my newest follower.
This is for you.
Admission #1
I had a huge crush on my 9th grade English teacher who sported a natty mustache and a full luxurious head of perfectly greying hair, and I used to try to telepathically seduce him during class. It didn’t work.

(Additional admissions will be posted in the comments section below).

9 thoughts on “50 new followers= 50 embarrassing admissions

  1. Hello, Jo! Here I thought I was following your blog already but wasn't. Where do I unpack my suitcase?

    I went to Catholic School so you can imagine that everything we kids did was embarrassing to Sister St. Cornelia.

  2. Hi Johanna and Marisa,
    thanks for following!!!!
    Admission #2- when I was 16 I spiked my hair, attached a faux nose ring to my nostril, affected an East End British accent and tried to spare change from American tourists at London's Victoria station.
    Admission #3- I am capable of eating a two pound bag of red licorice vines in one sitting.

  3. Hello Laurie!
    Admission #5- I make big batches of chocolate chip raspberry rugelach (a yummy kind of cookie), and freeze it so I won't pig out, and then end up eating it straight out of the freezer.
    I am guilty of doing this with chocolate chip cookies as well and in fact prefer them frozen.

  4. Hi Mari,
    thanks for following!
    Admission #6- when I worked for a very hip San Francisco music distributor in the 80's, I used to check in humongous shipments from the United Kingdom. I would do this on the floor where there was plenty of room. I guess I was invisible or something because when Morrissey came to visit he stepped on my hand and didn't move until I asked him to politely. The Smiths were probably our biggest selling band back then and I didn't want to offend him.

  5. Hello Louise!
    Admission #7- how about about another celebrity one? When I met David Bowie I realized afterward that I had not drawn breath the entire 3 minutes I spoke to him, nor did I let him get a single word in edgewise.
    However unlike my sister I did not have to vomit into a tiny beaded evening bag (as ladies do) when I saw him in concert.

  6. Hello Alicia! And welcome.
    Admission#8: Not only did I pierce my own ears a total of 12 times but I also once (under the influence of a lot of rum) pierced a friend's nose with a darning needle and a cigarette butt for a backing.
    How drunk do you think she was?

  7. Hi Danya! I believe you squeezed in under the wire!
    Admission #9: I quite enjoy Jackie Collins's oeuvre.
    and one more to reach a nice round 10:
    I got kicked out of a weekly poker playing club for excessive bad language.

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