My Desk

One of the things I’ve often been asked is where I work and what my workspace looks like.
Ok, even though I have only recently moved to a small rental, I have always had my laptop in my bedroom. Even when we had the space for me to have my own office. I work better knowing there’s a big comfy bed just a few steps away. Or something. As a side note, it worries me sometimes how much I think about sleep or lack thereof.
my desk 2

So, most of my books are packed up right now in preparation for our big move, but some of the things I am currently reading are above the computer. They include a couple of David Almond’s, Catching Fire, Magic or Madness, some graphic novels, and my trusty dictionary and thesaurus and other reference books including my beloved Oxford Dictionary of Superstitions. The stack of red-spined books is extra copies of The Curious Misadventures of Feltus Ovalton, and serve to remind me that I have been published and will hopefully, be again.
The pictures are of punk girls in the 1980’s. Inspiration for my current WIP- FIERCE which is a story of punk friendship set in 1984. The one with pink hair is me.
The papers to the left of the computer are my outline and notes on FIERCE.
It’s pretty sparse and the chair is incredibly uncomfortable but this is where I sit for 4 or 5 hours everyday.

2 thoughts on “My Desk

  1. When I am writing a really personal post I go in my bedroom, in the relationship corner of the house. Otherwise, I like to keep my laptop in the dining room, where I can sprawl and graze.

  2. Hey Amy! Sometimes I write on my husband’s computer but I find it distracting to be so close to the fridge.
    I like being surrounded by the books in my bedroom. They remind me why I do what I do.

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