Hey Ho, Let’s Go- Punk Rock Contest/ Book giveaway

Since my current WIP (FIERCE) is about two punk rock girls growing up in California in the 80’s and since I was a punk rock girl myself I thought I’d have a special book giveaway contest.
punk girls
That’s me on the left. And here again in 1983:
Didn’t I rock the cotton-candy pink hair?
I even played bass guitar and sang (very badly)in a punk band called Thirteenth Reunion.We were named (I believe by me) after a really awful Hammer House of Horror film (I think it had to do with cannibalism). We changed the name (because it was too punk?!) to Fluffy Pink Bunnies so we could play at our high school.
A few years later I was known by the name Jo Protest after the zine me and a friend put out.
So in the OI OI spirit send me your best original punk rock band name. Or a picture of you punking out.
There’ll be one winner chosen by me and he/she will receive a copy of each of the following excellent books:
Fat Kid Rules the World by K.L. Going
The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier
I chose these books because I think the characters Troy, Katniss and Reason are pretty punk rock.
Post your band name in the comments section of this blog. Email your photo or picture (JPeg please)to me: writer (at)feltusovalton (dot)com. or snailmail it to :Jo Protest, 211 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498. And good luck! The entry deadline will be December 15th.

8 thoughts on “Hey Ho, Let’s Go- Punk Rock Contest/ Book giveaway

  1. See I’m the spaz! Send photos or picture files to my email address:
    writer (at) feltusovalton (dot)com

  2. I would call my band “kakihara” it”s the name of a very memorable character from a Takashi Miike (Japanese extreme king) -the movie’s called “Ichi The Killer” Kakihara is a sadomasochistic Yakuza henchman –with an insane wardrobe and self inflicted gills–when he smokes he blow smoke out the slits in his cheeks.


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