I have realized that a change in routine, a lapse in a certain amount of discipline results in flab. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for 30 minutes, fiddling around, annoyed with myself because I have a window […]


This is an eastern newt in the juvenile eft stage. Pretty nifty, huh? These are what I sometimes find on my morning walks. Although they are cute and I would dearly like to bring one home and keep it in […]

3 A.M.

Apparently I have something on my mind…. I can’t blame the kids. They are sprawled out, their limbs splayed like starfish, their arms flung above their heads in poses which mirror the other, and their legs occupying large sections of […]


Intercision is a type of fictional operation in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy that separates an individual from their dæmon. In effect, the operation separates the person from his or her soul, while (usually) leaving the person alive. (from […]


You know that stereotype of the muttering, hunched, wild-haired writer locked up in the attic with a notebook and well-chewed nub of a pencil? Or how about the Marquis de Sade in his oubliette? Well, I’m starting to think it’s […]

Nature Comes Full Circle

I was going to title this ‘Badger Latrines and Cherry Trees’. I wonder what kind of hits that would encourage in google searches? I’m still busy painting and not working on my WIP (Code name:AIDAN) because I just don’t have […]