3 A.M.

Apparently I have something on my mind….
I can’t blame the kids. They are sprawled out, their limbs splayed like starfish, their arms flung above their heads in poses which mirror the other, and their legs occupying large sections of the bed because they each insist on sleeping horizontally. If I move them, they are curiously boneless and heavy. Their father is not snoring for once. The moon has waned. The skies are silent; no distant drum of thunder. Why am I awake? It is the eternal mystery. I blame my sister who is often up before 5 a.m. and must have infected me via our close sisterly bond.
There is a clutter in my head. I’ve told myself there is nothing I can do about it right now. It will still be there in the morning. I have lain with my eyes staring into the fuzzy darkness and muttered my mantras but I am still awake. I am anxious about the work I have sent out into the world. Excited. Hopeful. Fearful as always of rejection by the first agent I sent it to. I have jotted a few haphazard notes for tomorrow’s work on the WIP. I am blogging which usually gets it(whatever it is) out of me and places it somewhere I can consider and control it. Here is my brain- brimful and bubbling. An insistent voice which wants something and is determined to not let me sleep. “Hello”, I tell it in a friendly tone. “Leave me a note and I’ll reply later today, when I am coffee-ed up and on my game.”