I have realized that a change in routine, a lapse in a certain amount of discipline results in flab.
I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for 30 minutes, fiddling around, annoyed with myself because I have a window of opportunity (an hour or so) and I could be diving into my WIP AIDAN but instead I’m thinking about finishing a scarf I started knitting six months ago or reading the 4th issue of the trade paperback graphic novel The Boys which is irreverent, edgy and funny as hell, or taking a nap. This will not do! I tell myself forcefully.
I don’t work well with small boxes. I can see that this window is very narrow and besides Lucy is in the next room making messes. I like to feel that that I have a broad chunk of time ahead of me, but on the other hand I can feel my brain turn to mush and those powerful muscles I built up over the last few months working on LUCKY and sticking to my 1000 word/day goals, become flabby and weak.
I tell myself that the first day back will be the worst. Just need to force myself. Aaarghhhhh!

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