I know, I know….

…I have been very lax with posting.

Look at my last post. We were submerged in snow. And now it is all green and golden and lush out there and winter is but a memory, except if you look at my blog where winter still dwells. Like something out of Narnia for Pete’s sake.

Anyway, the good news is that I have not been very active on the internet because I have been working very hard on a couple of books.

The first, THE HOLLOW, a psychological thriller, is officially out on submission RIGHT NOW! I am very excited about this book. It scared the pants off me while I was writing it. And I know it cemented my small town rep as an eccentric. People heard me muttering about the most atrocious things and there was that one memorable day I dropped my notes on butchery and serial killers outside the local school. I eventually found them.

I should have a good draft done on the second, LIES LIES LIES, a contemporary with a JO twist, by the middle of the summer. Then of course I’ll need to revise revise revise.

I’m also adapting to being a single mom with two kids home on vacation. I did this last year for the first time but I seem to have forgotten how to do it.

So in the meantime, look at this wonderful jellyfish I found floating in the water at beautiful Carter’s Beach. ‘Cause nothing says ‘summer’ more than painful stings when you least expect them.

little jelly

*photo by Rowan