Winners of the Paperback giveaway contest

Hey you guys,
It was tough but I chose two winners for the signed, personalized Ashes, Ashes giveaway.

Katrina wins for her global pandemic prediction. Here’s her answer (and ewwww!):
Hi Jo, it’s Katrina/PuppyTypewriter. I love your book! Ok, so I’m going to answer question number two: what will be the next global pandemic?

So my prediction would be on erysipelas. Erysipelas is a bacteria caused disease that causes red patches on the body. I believe it would be caused by handling money. Nowadays, we use debt and credits cards, but paper money is still very much used. If you think of all the ways it might of been spent, on drugs, diapers, powder, alcohol, it’s really a scary thought, and we have been using this money for forever! It probably has accumulated so much bacteria. Most doctors recommend you wash each and every time you use money and we rarely do. We don’t even wash our money! The bacteria can even be dormant but reactivate at any second. Erysipelas could very well be affecting us right now and we would never know.

Ok, after that long story, my answer is Erysipelas that is caused by just handling paper money.

Thanks for reading ~ Puppy

And Danielle won for her food answer (also, ewww!):

I’m a vegetarian so I think my meals would be limited to most vegetation… Assuming I could maintain my diet in the situation, I would probably be feasting on some freshly stewed grass and or dirt. Otherwise I will be dining on my left foot with a side of my less important fingers!

Drop me an email ladies with your mailing addresses and who you would like your books signed to.