ASHES, ASHES paperback giveaway contest

Hi kids,
So the paperback version of Ashes, Ashes comes out on January 1st and I’d like to give a couple away so that means…..
A contest.

LOOK what the fine folks at Scholastic just sent me:

So here’s what I’m thinking. Two winners. US and Canada only (’cause that European postage is a KILLER). Answer one(1) of the following questions:

1)If the end of the world had come and you were living rough and barely surviving, what would you prepare and eat for the holidays?

2)We’ve had H1N1, SARS, and in Ashes, Ashes hemorrhagic smallpox, what do you think the next big, global pandemic will be and how will it spread?

Feel free to be as creative and/or gross as you’d like and make stuff up if you want! I’ll pick the best answer to each of the questions (so that means one meal answer will win and one scary disease answer will win). Of course the books will be signed and personalized.

Just put in your answers in the comment box below.Or you can email me at writer(at) Or enter over at my GoodReads page.

The contest will run through January 1 2013 (2013 y’all!) and I’ll announce the winners here.
Have fun!