Punk Saved My Life

Next month I have a creative non-fiction short coming out, Love You Like Suicide. It will be e-pubbed by FIERCE INK PRESS and I’ll post more details here when I have them.
It was a very difficult piece for me to write because I had to travel back in time to a place that was very hard for me. Even now, all these years later. It’s brought back some painful memories, it’s re-opened wounds I thought were scarred over. But there is always beauty in the midst of pain, always laughter with the tears. It’s that juxtaposition, I think, that makes those moments so devastating, that pierces the tough muscle of the heart.

I’ve been looking through old papers. I keep these things because I think, “It’s just paper. It doesn’t take up much space.”

I found letters, old photos, band flyers. I found something I wrote, soon after the very worst day of my life. (There are typos and stuff that I didn’t fix).

This is it (click on it to make it bigger):

5 thoughts on “Punk Saved My Life

  1. I always joke about starting a punk rock support group. Punk ruined my life.

    Let me know when the short comes out.

    1. Thanks guys! Lynn- it gave me goosebumps too when I found that scrap of paper. Don’t remember writing it at all but it must have been fifteen or sixteen years ago….

  2. What great stories you have. Real stories. I look forward to reading your book!
    How wonderful for others to read your stories and realize “it’s not just me.” and to realize we all have our battles, demons and ghosts.

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