Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately.

It’s a combination of trying to revise a book (Briny Deep), trying to finish a new one (Inkers) and real life rearing its scary head and biting me on the butt.

I find I have many plates in the air right now and the tire on my unicycle is flat.

Anyway, I hope you still continue to drop by. There should be enough stuff in the archives to keep you going. Sometimes I find it fun to go back a couple of years and see what I was whining about then.

Love you all,


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5 Responses to Apologies

  1. Trish C. says:

    It otay– we love u anyway!

  2. Lynn says:

    Sometimes it can feel more like juggling chainsaws…

    Sounds like you have some good things in the works, as overwhelming as it can get at times. All the best with the many things you have on the go – absolutely no need to apologize about all of that taking priority right now.

    (Hope the butt’s ok.)

  3. Elaine says:

    Breaks are not only nice, but sometimes much needed!