Ashes, Ashes the German edition and CONTEST!

So I just received 5 copies of the lovely hardback German edition from my editor.

You can’t tell from this photo but the design team used different techniques on the dustcover jacket so that the title is slightly raised and the figures of Lucy and Aidan are glossy. Their figures are also reproduced on the spine, and the inside is light blue with grey lettering. It looks absolutely amazing!

I’d like to send a signed copy to one lucky person in the US or Canada who hopefully can read German. If you cannot understand German, I think you should still enter because the book cover is seriously awesome!

Sorry I can’t make this an international contest but the postage rates from here are crippling, and I don’t want to be stuck feeding my children instant noodles and peanut butter forever.

Anyway here are the details:

Contest is open to US and Canadian residents and runs through October 31st, midnight EST (cause that’s my favorite dress-up day of the year).

The winner will be picked by me on the basis of their answer to this question:

Tell me how you would prepare turtle in the most delicious way possible?

Answer below in the comments section and good luck!!!!

23 thoughts on “Ashes, Ashes the German edition and CONTEST!

  1. Well, first I open the box and select the turtle with the most nuts around the outside. I bite those off and then move to the bottom where I carefully bite off the soft underbits. That done I remove (with teeth) the upper layer and then am ready for the soft, sweet and delicious middle.


    Do you mean, like, the turtle that Lucy prepares in your book? Not, um, chocolate turtles? Sigh. My daughter took German in high school and went to Germany for a summer. Does that count? I thought not, lol. Good luck to all who enter!

  2. Um… I would cook it. Thoroughly. Over a very hot fire. (after it’s dead that is) Then I would dig though my survival bag until I found my survivalist’s package of Cavender’s Greek Seasoning and some garlic. I would douse the meat in these things, then sear it in mah handah dandah survivalists searing pan. Add salt to taste and garnish with wild onions.

  3. Simple! I would definitely put turtle on something everyday, like pizza or nachos. It may sound kind of boring, but it’s not, and I’m sure people would love it. I mean, people eat crab-meat pizza right? And nachos. Or, maybe, a turtle burrito. If you want one final answer, though, it would definitely be a turtle taco. Because, imagine if Taco Bell started selling Turtle Tacos. Seriously, everyone would buy them. EVERYONE. The turtle would be cooked just like any regular taco meat would be. Like beef, or chicken, or something. In pieces. Also, anything tasted good with salsa and sour cream! Now I’m hungry, but the thing I’m MOST hungry for is that book (cover)! I hope I get to be a part of this contest because the second I saw that cover, I started drooling for it. I don’t read German, but that would be one cool collecter’s edition of the book. I keep all my books in mint condition, because I love collecting them and how they look in my shelf. Me and my sister both, do that. It’s just part of my personality.
    I loved Ashes Ashes so much. Is there going to be a sequel? Thats actually how I found this contest, because I was Googling Ashes Ashes sequel in the most possible ways, in hopes there would be one…. 🙂 Thats all!

    1. Fabulous reply M.C., and I’m so glad you loved Ashes, Ashes so much! I do have a sequel and a possible companion book planned but it all depends on the publishing gods, so cross your fingers.
      I agree with you that sour cream and salsa make everything taste better!

      1. Even if the publishing gods reject it(which probably won’t happen) I want to read the sequel because Ashes, Ashes is one of the BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ! GOOD LUCK MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED
        I really enjoyed your novel

        1. Ryan!!! That means SO much! I’m very glad you enjoyed Ashes, Ashes. As for a sequel, we shall see what we shall see. 🙂

  4. I would fry it like chicken and have turtle fried legs like chicken drumsticks! I’m sure there is something you could pound into flour and then fry it in oil. Yum! 😉
    P.S. Please, please write a sequel Ashes, Ashes! I just finished and have to know what happens next to Lucy and Aidan and Del!
    P.P.S. I haven’t gotten my postcard yet, but that has to be the coolest thing I’ve ever heard an author do. Thank you!

    1. Umm….. yum, Lillian! Frying anything makes it taste good, right?!
      Happy you enjoyed the book! The postcard should be on its way to you! xx

      1. Thank you so much! I bragged to you with my husband about how personal you are as an author. 🙂 I can’t wait to see my postcard!
        And good luck to the rest of the turtle recipes! 🙂

  5. I would cut it into little peices and serve it a la mode with choclolate drizzled over the top and multicolored sprinkles! 🙂

  6. DUDE. I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten turtle before! (Or maybe it was just the shell that was the soup bowl… I’m not too sure. :P) Anyways, the first step is obviously to separate the tender meat. Then, use the shell as a soup bowl, discard all the bones and boil the meat over a stove open campfire. 😉

    1. Thanks for entering the contest, Yahong. You sound like you are experienced in the wily ways of cooking turtle. Using the shell for a bowl is genius!

  7. So first of all um…i dont know how to gut a turtle…that is if you even gut it! haha i think i’m thinking fish here even though their nasty (but not salmon thats my only exception 🙂 ) well i’d cut it (i’m pretty sure i’d do it all wrong) then i would love to marinate it in some hot sauce (i looooooveeeeeeeeeee hot sauce) and them grill it barbecue style! mmmmmmmmmmmmm i could go for some of that right now! 🙂 haha

    1. I love hot sauce too and bbq is always good! Just have to say that yes, Reagan, you do have to gut the turtle before you cook it. Also I once had to eat calf’s brains when I was a kid and I slathered them in ketchup and they still tasted awful, so sometimes all the sauce in the world doesn’t help.

  8. I found this website because I’ve just ordered Ashes to Ashes (English version) for my daughter who is in Grade 7. It would be great to have a German version of the book as well. Despite 6 years of waking up early on Saturday mornings to drive Hannah to German school (from Kindergarten to Grade 5), I know it will be too challenging for her to read in German, but I would give it a try!

    In keeping with the German theme, I would prepare turtle the way my Swiss mom sometimes prepares beef — Rouladen. Slice the meat into long thin strips. Lay a piece of bacon on each strip, then place a pickle on top of the bacon. Roll up the meat around the pickle and tie with string. Brown the rouladen in saucepan, then add water and simmer for about 1 hour. It’s delicious when made with beef, and would probably be OK with turtle too.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for entering! I must say, I studied German for 2 years in high school and absolutely nothing has stuck with me.
      Your take on the turtle would be perfect for a dinner party!

      1. It sure is hard to remember a language if you don’t use it. I made it as far as a 2nd year modern German drama class, but that was in the 1980s!

        A few years ago I decided to try getting back into reading German and bought the German edition of Joseph Boyden’s Three Day Road. I’d already read and loved the book in English, but I don’t think I made it past page 30 auf Deutsch! Trying again is on that list of things to do when I get myself better organized and find the time.

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