The Rocking Audio Book

I’m pretty thrilled that there’s going to be an audio book of ASHES, ASHES.

I’m a big fan of them. When I hike alone I usually have one with me. I’ve listened to all the Harry Potters, the Golden Compass trilogy, and most of Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother titles.

There’s a whole different joy in listening to a narrator’s soothing voice read a book you love.

Now that I have kids we take a selection with us in the car. Bunnicula was on replay on the whole drive up to Nova Scotia from New York and let me tell you- it saved my sanity.

Anyway, today I did an interview that will be included on the CD set. The interviewer was great, totally professional and engaging. His questions were thoughtful and interesting. I actually forgot to be nervous while I was talking with him so let’s hope I don’t sound like an idiot. But what if my voice is really squeaky? Or I mush my words? Or my Brit-Canadian-NY hybrid mess of an accent sounds weird?

What if I said ‘foreigner’ or ‘tomato’ or ‘schedule’ or any of the other words I confuse because of having lived in too many elsewheres? I don’t think he asked questions that require any of those answers but maybe….

Anyway you can go here to check out the CD info. There’s a sample of the fabulous narrator Cassandra Campbell reading the first chapter which you can listen to as well.

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