I’ve seen it happen to other writers.
And yet I am still surprised.
A little more than a month until Ashes, Ashes is in the stores, and all of a sudden I am getting more emails asking me for things.
I’m more than happy to do interviews even if I do feel sort of ass-ish answering questions about my childhood or writing methods or favorite foods.
I’m more than happy to friend whoever asks me.
But I have noticed that all these little things add up.
I spend the same amount of time at the computer but where–only a few months ago- that time was spent working on my WIP (with the occasional Twitter/Narci-googling sidetrip) now I’m answering/forwarding/thinking about emails.

You may have noticed that I have cut back on my posts.
The reasons are the above, the fact that I am working on a new book, and also I have been wondering after almost 4 years if I have anything more to say about writing. Part of me wonders if I should just post about whatever is going on with my books or any appearances I might have scheduled and let visitors check out the archives for other subjects.

I am still thinking about this so look for possible changes in format in the coming months. Or maybe no change at all. I do like to blog so……

Let me also take the opportunity to thank all of you who follow or comment or lurk or just check in from time to time. I really appreciate you all.

2 thoughts on “Aaarghh!

  1. It’s amazing how much more there is to being a writer, than just the writing. Must be overwhelming at times.

    I do hope that you keep blogging in the style that you have been doing. For me, it’s always interesting to see a bit more of the writer than just stats and info on the books and upcoming events. Your posts are always enjoyable. Blogging does take time and energy – which could be put towards other things, but – for purely selfish reasons – I hope you don’t change the blog too much.

    As for what more you have to say on writing…I’m sure you’ve got plenty more to share with us…

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