How To Keep Your Head on Straight

Is it just me or are the last 2 months before publication excruciating????

The past 6 months since final edit has been hard as well but these 67 days are killing me.

I’ve been taking lots of walks and trying not to think about it.

Much like my dogs, walking makes me happy, clears my head.

Unlike my dogs, it does not replace the tangle in my brain with thoughts of poo and possible rabbits.

Alas for me.

But sometimes the budding trees, the blue blue sea, the clouds, this amazing scenery I live inside, cuts through the clutter and I remember, oh yeah, there is a life apart from writing.

I don’t know much but this I know:

So much of the publishing game is hurry up and wait.

It’s terribly hard to write books.

Nothing happens until all of a sudden it does.

It’s exhausting living like that. Always on the cusp. always waiting for the next thing so try NOT to do it.

You must have writer friends. Everyone else will often think you crazy and/or melodramatic.

Don’t take it so seriously. It’s supposed to be FUN!

It’s enough just to LIKE your manuscript while you’re writing it. The LOVE can come later.

The only thing harder than working is not working.


Any wisdom to impart? Any tricks to keep things in perspective?

2 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Head on Straight

  1. Such a perfect description of what it’s like! And, no, not much wisdom to impart, I’m afraid. I have started making some weird art with fruit as a distraction.

  2. Actually Cat, that is probably very sensible of you. Perhaps I need to start painting again so I have another creative outlet.

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