Ringing in the new year

(These are not my kids. They are facsimiles. Also, though we wished very hard, we have had no snow.)

After three weeks with both kids home from school… a state that filled their wee hearts with joy and mine with trepidation, and a bout with sinusitis, Christmas, and a bored husband,  I am in need of something sustaining, something energizing, something (almost always) clever, quirky and action-packed, AND something chocolaty…

There is only one thing that will satisfy the first three. And Cadbury’s will take care of the other.

note: Canadian Cadbury’s seems to be the original recipe. While British Cadbury’s seems to have been adulterated by Kraft or whichever American super company bought them. Very sad, because I still can’t get those huge hulking bars here (even if the brit ones taste of wax now).

The kids go back to school on Tuesday.

And then shall the Buffy marathon begin.

Oh Buffy! Oh Willow! Oh Spike!

My tormented ones. How my heart aches for the difficult decisions you must make!

(And as always, a reminder that teenage characters need never be namby-pamby.)

How will you celebrate the beginning of the year?