Super busy these days trying to finish the first draft of my WIP.

The guilt of taking off a couple of weeks over Christmas eats away at my soul.

Yes, I am largely motivated by guilt. Aren’t you?!

Anyway re. the WIP- I have it mostly worked out but not completely worked out, if you know what I mean. I am entangling my heroine in a complex web of difficulties but I have not nailed down the details of how to extricate her. But hey, this is one of the joys of writing!

And things have been going well and I’m in that zone where it feels as if things are almost unrolling themselves, ergo I have the utmost confidence that I will eventually be able to pull it off.

So in the meantime,

My old friend Aimee Ferris, author of scintillating and humorous YAs


and soon to be released WILL WORK FOR PROM DRESS

is having a super-fun ARC contest over here. It involves a whole bunch of prom pictures of many of your favorite YA authors and kidliterati. And she’ll be posting a new picture every day from now until her pub date of February 8, 2011.

So head on over and see if YOU can guess WHO’S WHO.