Oh I’ve got a secret

Well it’s not really a secret because I’m about to tell you…
But maybe you can guess. The picture above is a clue.
Yes, a clue. (Hmmm. Enigmatic wrinkling of the brow).

I just received a box by special courier from NYC.
And it was not the bamboo dinnerware I ordered.

First of all Let me just say that my post-apocalypse YA ASHES,ASHES has a publication date now.
It is June 1 2011.
Yippee! I am thinking this is a very good date for a book birthday.

And today, just to prove to me that there will really be a release date,
I got a box of ARCS (Advance Reading Copies).

Unfortunately I am not allowed to show them to you.
There will be an unveiling shortly, and there will also (I am thinking) be a contest involving the giving-away of some of these ARCS.

So in the meantime, believe me when I say, the cover artwork looks incredible! And stay tuned for further developments.

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6 Responses to Oh I’ve got a secret

  1. Donna Hosie says:

    WONDERFUL news and very exciting. I will totally be entering into any contest to win one. Just say the word and I will get to pimping on my blog!

  2. Great news, Jo! And I shall be excited to find out more…

  3. bbtaylor says:

    Congrats! What wonderful people those couriers are! I look forward to seeing the cover and will certainly throw my hat in the ring for an ARC.

  4. Jo Treggiari says:

    Thanks everyone! It was sooooo exciting to open the box! I'll let you know when I have the contest.

  5. rubylavender says:

    I've been researching upcoming titles for next year and I came across Ashes, Ashes. I'm looking forward to it.