Happy Day!

Although I am Canadian, and now (after 30 years or so elsewhere) live in Canada again, and although we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving with the rest of the country last month, American Thanksgiving remains close to my heart.
As newcomers to NY it was how my husband and I made new friends. We invited holiday orphans to our home and filled their bellies. It made for some interesting people combinations and often, raucous, wine-fueled disagreements but isn’t that how it is? The holidays bring out the best and worst in people.
So here on this day, to all of my readers and lurkers and family, let me say THANK YOU.
Thank you for visiting, commenting and reading this blog of mine. This is for you:

Oh, did I mention I am a vegetarian?
Yes, indeed. For about 33 years now.
So I apologize for the tofurkey.

I find it *humorous*.
My veggie NY cousin used to insist we ate one every year. She thought it was hilarious because it came with an edible wishbone, and festive because it smelled of turkey-like spices.

Now that I have escaped her evil grasp, I am making old-fashioned mac ‘n cheese with the crunchy breadcrumbs on top and the sharpest aged cheddar I can find, and inviting my new Canadian friends to eat with us. Dear husband is providing a real turkey and I will fill my plate with all the sides which were always my favorite bits even when I still ate meat.

Happy day to all!

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