10 Very Nice Things About My New Hometown

1) There is fog and a foghorn. It sounds like a mournful bull lost in the mist. 2) Everyone has a cottage garden that looks wild and natural with lupines, poppies and mallow self-seeding and spilling out onto the sidewalk. 3) I can walk to one beach, and drive a short distance to two more. 4) My town is built on a hill but some streets are steeper than others. I can choose whether to exercise my calves or not. 5) There is a store that sells homemade ice cream, makes their own waffle cones, and they stay open until 10pm. I had the pistachio yesterday.(I walked the steepest hill back home). 6) The church next to our house has a cod fish weather vane on the steeple. My 7 year-old uses it to navigate himself around town. 7) There are purple moon jellyfish and starfish in the harbor. 8) Every house is painted a different combination of colors. Ours is going to be slate blue and cream with black on the front columns. Yes, we have grecian columns. 9) The internet cafe has the best coffee I’ve had since leaving San Francisco and you can choose to add 10% or 18% cream. 10) The library is open 7 days a week, and they already had a copy of my first book.

5 thoughts on “10 Very Nice Things About My New Hometown

  1. Wow. Sasah just told me you—or more to the point, Milo—are here in NS. I'm Zoë Johnson-Berman's dad. We're living in Halifax, and were even out in Lunenberg on Sunday!
    Zoë will be so excited to hear Milo's here.
    You can email us at robbyberman@me.com.

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