Mrs. Darcy versus the Aliens

At the end of this post you’ll find a trailer I received via Nicola Morgan’s blog.
Her topic was actually about what happens when as a writer you have a brilliant idea and shortly before you begin or are about to be repped or sign a pub deal, something else remarkably similar comes out. We’re not talking about plagiarism here but coincidence.
So anyway this is a trailer for a book called “Mrs. Darcy versus the Aliens” which was conceived at some point before “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” came out. The author (Jonathan Pinnock) decided after some hair- tearing-out to serialize his book. You can find that here.

I am fighting a cold this week and this trailer made me laugh, mostly because of the faux french speak dubbed in for Mr. Darcy. I grew up reading Punch’s ‘Let’s speak franglais’ column which was the only part of the magazine I comprehended and thought was funny. And being a bilingual canadian we mocked the british and their attempts to learn and speak french.
So something light-hearted…
You can click here to watch it.


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