Leggo my Ego!!!!

I’m sure all my readers are too young to remember this tv commercial. I can— barely…But basically it was for an Eggo brand waffle- which was in a toaster and when it popped up, two people grabbed for the same waffle, because it was soooooo delicious, you see…. and one of them yelled, “Leggo my eggo!” So anyway, what does that have to do with anything? Ummm…Nothing. Except that it makes for a catchy headline. However I have been thinking about ego. Writers’ egos. Mine. And being controlled (adversely) by it. I certainly need one. Without it I would never have the nerve or confidence to finish a book, or send it out, or be able to think of negative reviews with a brave face. Ego is the reason we all think the world revolves around us. (PS- Only one of us is right.) But there is a fine line between having a healthy ego and the sort that leads to all sorts of disappointment when one finds out that in fact we are all equally special (or un-special). We have to strike a balance between being charmingly extroverted and secure, and being a pompous ass. What my ego is doing to me right now, is chiseling away at my latest manuscript. Something that I think is pretty good. It’s sending me anxiety as I wait for my agent to phone. It’s worrying away at the tenuous security I’ve built up for myself- one published book, one on the way, ONE THAT WILL NEVER EVER BE PUBLISHED BECAUSE MY AGENT AND BETAS THINK IT”S TRIPE!!!! See? Ego is me (or more correctly from the latin for “I”). I am obviously thinking too much about myself and I need to stop it right now. Nothing gets me thinking less about myself than writing about other people, and therein lies the release from the over-active ego. Feel free to comment and tell me all about yourself.

2 thoughts on “Leggo my Ego!!!!

  1. A healthy balance is…well, healthy! I regard myself as a "realistic optimist" – the glass is half full, but I am aware I drank half of it!

    Ego is part and parcel of confidence. Writing bring out the pessimist in all of us; are we really worthy? Our ego tells us yes, and so we continue. It's a good tool to have.

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