More Wonderful YA

(Yes—this is one of my little bookshelves; the one closest to my bed).

In keeping with the celebration of YA novels I seem to have going right now:

Kelly’s YAnnabe blog has gathered an almost definitive list of a bunch of unsung and overlooked YA books from a plethora of cool YA blog sites.

And E. Kristin Anderson over at her awesomely titled blog: The Hate-Mongering Tart has compiled an exhaustive list of great YA and some middle-grade as well.


4 thoughts on “More Wonderful YA

  1. Cute bookshelf! But the real question is…how many do you have in your house? 🙂

    Thanks for helping to spread the word about the Unsung YA Heroes project!

  2. I know! More books to buy, borrow or steal (from a friend, I mean, not a bookstore). I thought the lists were fantastic and they were mostly recent unsung. What about all the less recent titles????

  3. Hi Kelly,
    I couldn’t tell you a number but over the summer I had to pack them all up for a move we’re making later this year, and there were about 100 boxes, so multiply that by thirty books per or so and…Oh my! 3000!
    My son and husband are both big readers but most of them are mine.
    The little book shelf only contains titles I’ve bought myself since October. Books are a necessity that I will never deny myself.

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