Jo Treggiari and The Deathly Silence

The thing I’m having the hardest time with right now…
The thing that lurks around in the back of my head and whispers scary notions while I’m trying to make progress on my new WIP …
The thing that is driving me crazy is…
knowing that my agent is out there working really hard to pitch my novel and it is all happening somewhere where I am not. I can believe it’s happening. I can trust it’s happening. And rationally I know it’s happening but I am not involved in any way.
One of these days I believe my phone will ring and my agent will tell me excitedly that he has an offer and it will be wonderful,
but until then the minutes crawl slowly by and I am conscious of this little tickle at the back of my neck and that awful pressure of waiting to hear news. When the phone rings and it is only my husband I am conscious of a feeling of disappointment.
Hello, I should be happy he checks in once or twice a day!
I am not sitting around twiddling my thumbs.
I am not showering anyone with invective due to debilitating anxiety.
I am blogging at least twice a week as usual.
I am active on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Book Blogs and Author Central, and some others I can’t remember. Seriously just doing the updates takes a good two hours out of the day.
I am making big progress on the WIP (50,000+ words YAY!)
I am jumping the final hurdles NY State insists I soar over before my house can officially be sold.
And yet that niggling worry is still there.
God, it’s awful.
Being a writer demands so much of a person.
I think I must be crazy.

6 thoughts on “Jo Treggiari and The Deathly Silence

  1. It’ll come, Jo. It’ll come. You’ve got a great agent, you’re a great writer, and you’ll have a shiny publishing contract soon!!!

    Oh, and I’ve nominated your blog for an award. You can swing by my blog for info. 🙂

  2. Hey Jay,
    thanks for the very kind words and right back at you!
    I think waiting and patience are just something alien to humanity at this point in time. We’re not spending hours in the forest, bow poised, waiting for dinner to come within range. Instead we’re used to getting everything when we want it, or shortly thereafter.
    It is a continual learning process- this life and being a writer on top of it.
    Thanks too for the blog nomination!

  3. Awww, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be. Well, I mean, I can. I’m in that hideous suck stage of finding an agent, worrying my book will never leave my computer except to maybe sit on a udisk somewhere; but you’re so much closer that the stakes feel so much higher. Hang in there. Your book will find a home. And before long, you will be working with your editor, waiting for the big release date to arrive. And we’ll be rooting for you from the sidelines. You’re in the hump day of your career. Just gotta persevere. Goooooooo Jo!

    1. Hi Carolina,
      thanks for commenting! I think it’s the lack of control that is the hardest part. I sold my first book without an agent so it was me plunging in up to the elbows, rather than someone else doing all the follow-up. This time I am sitting back without a clue what’s going on out there.
      Both scenarios are hard but I know this is a better situation for me because it means (once I stop trying to orchestrate everything) that I can concentrate on writing which is my job. Selling my writing is my agent’s job. I think it’s easier if you look at it that way.
      Good luck to you! Perseverance (I know, I know!) is key.

  4. HI Simon,
    that’s really nice of you. I’ll try and narrow down my list of must-read-blogs and post them up.

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