Are you like me? Do you find these acronyms sort of annoying? Can you just not be bothered to write lol on your emails to make your point clear? I tend towards a sarcastic sense of humor which does not translate well to email and although I’ve found myself in trouble before (wounded sensibilities, etc…) I still refuse to insert a smiley-faced emoticon or an lol after some phrase or opinion which is clearly meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek. I figure it must be a generational thing. I just won’t be part of the crowd. I can live with that.
However in the spirit, I have a couple of suggestions for some new acronyms. Here they are. Can you figure them out?


5 thoughts on “LMFAO? ROFL? IMHO?

  1. Entirely agreed!
    I don’t care if that makes me sound old school, but yeah, blast these idiots who laugh their asses out in the middle of every conversation.
    And I do mean EVERY.

    Because written language is one thing, and yes, myself, having that same kind of brutally honest, out of control sarcastic humor, I’ve encountered the same problem with my “rofling” counterparts, and, to my shame, i’ve resorted to putting smileys here and there on my mails and MSN conversations.
    But you know, even the most sophisticated Roman will eventually lower his own linguistic standards to make himself be understood by the Barbarian horde.

    But now, I even HEAR “lolz” in oral conversations with some of my peers! And, may I add, at this point, I am French, and lol is not even the French acronym for this uncontrollable burst of laughter (we use “mdr”, as in “Mort De Rire”).
    So the drop in language is even worse on my side of the sea/ocean, my poor fellow.

    Therefore, all in all, I think I can only sympathize with your situation and wish you courage for the years to come: this will only get worse!
    It was nice stumbling on your blog, mate.
    Keep it running and don’t ever give up defending your language (damn, this is a part of your civilization! / I myself impose a very formal French on my colleagues, friends, family when we’re having serious talks).

    PS: I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out your own acronyms; I guess this points out the limits of my English.

  2. I mean I WOULDN’T have figured out your acronyms, but I did read your explanations on the second reply.
    By the way, you made little typos: “PTIYHASI” instead of “PTIYPASI”, and “put that IT your pipe”, rather than “IN”.

    See, I told you, I’m a language maniac, even outside my mother tongue! TIC! YSSMSBF (You Should See My Smiling Blinking Face)!


  3. Thanks for commenting RdC. And for pointing out the typos. I think I was probably originally going to say “put that in your hat and smoke it”- PTIYHASI and then changed it to “put that in your pipe and smoke it”- PTIYPASI which makes more sense being the known phrase.
    The point is that these acronyms are silly and irritating and I always have to stop and think about their meaning.
    I am also annoyed by texting replacing words with numbers like ‘4’ for ‘for’ for instance. Are we in such a rush? And can people raised on taking short cuts like this write a simple, straightforward letter at all?
    Perhaps this is just me being old-fashioned and traditional. I can’t believe I am saying that! But I think that lazy writing reflects lazy brains and does no favors to anyone.
    Humans don’t have much to be proud of but we can evoke beauty through words and musical notes and we should hone the ability before we lose it forever.

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