Think you can out-gross Great Aunt Eunida????
Believe you can concoct a recipe more disgusting than Sardine-Chocolate Roulade with Mint Garnish and Crunchy Beetle Topping????
How about Peanut Butter Pickled Herring Parfaits or the ever-popular and stomach-churning Beet, Gummy Worms and Sardine sandwich with Frosted Eel Butter spread???????
Create a vomitous dessert, entree or appetizer (or if you’re feeling truly inspired an entire meal), post it here in the comments section and I will send you a nifty, spiffy and neat Feltus Ovalton “Books Are Cool” button. It’s educational, it’s round, it’s designed to make you popular and it’s fully two inches across. These beautiful pins are already showing up on Ebay and going for thousands of dollars. A true collector’s item. (Not really but they’re free so why not get one?!)
While supplies last.


  1. I’d give great aunt Eunida bbq’ed monkey ribs with grass flavoured mashed turnips and possum gravy and a triple layer rootabaga and vaseline cake

  2. Well that certainly is disgusting, Milo. Mama is very proud of you. Will you be having that on Sunday morning or is it cold spider soup again?

  3. Mark and Hannah, Bravo! Great additions to Great Aunt Eunida’s cookbook. Your buttons are on the way.

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