I’m feeling pretty good actually although as I remarked to a friend who is celebrating her 44th birthday next month, we are now old ‘young people’. When we turn 50, we will be young ‘old’ people. It’s the in-between stage that’s sort of hard to get used to. But it’s ok. I am bursting with energy and good health. I pushed a 24lb toddler up a hill today and if that’s not sisyphusian I don’t know what is. And I’ve just had my hair dyed and cut and that always makes me feel great. Plus I’m pretty sure lots of chocolate lurks on the horizon. AND my husband made stromboli (like a stuffed pizza) for my dinner, so all- around a WOW sort of a day filled with some kiddie cuddles too.
The dog does have gas but that’s the only blot on the landscape.
Other plans – I like to stretch it all out- include watching a movie in the middle of the day, working on my W.I.P. which I am absolutely adoring, and taking a nap with the Lucy Factor.
I am still struggling with the 150th blog but be assured it’s coming.