Not much to say this week. The Scheherazade experiment is going great. We’re two thirds of the way through Despereaux and he is really enjoying it.
I have started work on a new book- a YA novel- of which I will say nothing more here except that I am doing lots of extra reading to sort of prepare my brain for the world I am trying to capture. This includes a book on foraging, one on the Romani people, and An Inconvenient Truth, along with whatever else seems to me to be on subject. We’ll see.
I spotted a squirrel for the second time today- not the same squirrel, I think but one exhibiting the same behavior- crouched on a branch with its tail curved tightly over its back so that it looked like a furry gray teapot, and it was making the most curious explosive sound. I couldn’t tell if it was very angry or highly amused. What a separate, amazing world animals live in, next to us but apart, and we have absolutely no idea what is going on!

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