Wednesday Morning Walk

It’s mizzling here- a fine, misty drizzling rain.
There were lots of dead frogs on the road, slipped from their skins like green grapes popping. And a smell below the sodden earth like dirty dish water.
One dead chipmunk, its insides outside, spooling….
(Horrid isn’t it? But apt.)
Elsewhere the air smells fresh. Sodden earth- I’m so grateful on behalf of my tomatoes! The lilacs just past their ferocious bloom. The wild dog roses so soft and sweet.
It’s a day to curl up under the covers…
But I have to go play pat-a-cake with a one-year old and that’s ok too.
(I’m reading the 4th book (Outcast) in Michelle Paver’s wonderful series. Highly recommended.)

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One Response to Wednesday Morning Walk

  1. Julia says:

    I love you description of the day. It sounds wonderful – dead chipmunk and all. 🙂