School Library Journal Review

From School Library Journal
Grade 4–6—Feltus Ovalton LeRoi, 11, has moved from his old home into a new apartment, far away from his best friend, and he hates his new school. His socialite parents are emotionally distant and seem not to care about anything but their work. Bullies pick on him, and Feltus picks on a boy who’s less fortunate than he is. However, when his seemingly crazy Great-Aunt Eunida shows up with her gluttonous appetite and penchant for muttering strange expressions, Feltus is glad that something is ruffling the nerves of his parents. Soon after, a group of intelligent, furry but starving PoodleRats (often disguised as dust bunnies in this world) enters the LeRois’ apartment through a portal, convinced that the protagonist can help them defeat the enemies of their world. The narrative is filled with vivid descriptions of places and sensations, but falters under the weight of confusing character names, irregular transitions, and a surfeit of overly familiar expressions.”—Farida S. Dowler, Mercer Island Library, WA