Frequently Asked Questions
Ask Winston – Who Knows everything


1) Did Jo Treggiari have a Great Aunt like Eunida?

Eunida is very loosely based on Jo’s great grandmother, Jane, who was a lovely woman but had the misfortune to look exactly like a witch. Jo once, when she was very young, spent an afternoon having tea with her and was completely frozen with fear. Jane had beautiful table manners by the way.

2) How do you know if you have a PoodleRat living in your house?
PoodleRats are very adaptable and can conceal themselves at will. It is rare that one will reveal itself to a human. However, there is a simple checklist which can help narrow the odds that you have one in your home.

  1. Does food disappear mysteriously? Especially snack foods and sweeties.
  2. Have you ever found the refrigerator door open?
  3. Does your sink clog and unclog by itself?
  4. What happens to all those recycled newspapers and soda cans heaped by the back door? Do they disappear in the middle of the night?
  5. Have you ever felt anything brush up against your leg when you’re sitting at the dinner table?
  6. Does your cat ever just stare at the wall for no apparent reason?
  7. And finally, is your name Dakon, Lettucia, OoLala, or Fingal?

3) What does Feltus look like?
Feltus is quite a miserable individual actually but I’ve had a soft spot for him ever since I met him. Physically he is not short, nor very tall. I believe he has hazel eyes, brown hair of a shade close to mud, and a mouth.

4) Will Feltus have more adventures?
I think he will, don’t you?

5) How can I get to the Magical Ewe?
The directions are quite explicit in the book and if you have to ask then I would suggest that you haven’t read the book very carefully and should go back and start at the beginning. One word of warning however: Once you start the”hop skip jump” sequence you must complete it. I knew a fellow once who wafted away like a fine mist.


Great Aunt Eunida’s
Favorite recipes

Nutty crepes with flambed radishes & mint garnish

For the crepes:
Eggs – 4, dragon if available
Flour- 1 cup
Sugar- 2 tablespoons
Milk- ½ cup

For the filling:
Ground toasted hazelnuts
Radishes- trimmed and sliced thinly and scorched over a low flame

For the garnish:

Fresh mint leaves- pulverized with a rock

Mix the crepe ingredients together until you have a thin batter. Pour ¼ cup into a medium heated, buttered omelet pan and cook gently until you can flip it over without destroying it. If it does fall apart then you can have crepes ala remnants (very chic in Paris). Cook on the other side for about 49 seconds, then top with hazelnuts, radishes and roll into a cylinder. Top with mint garnish.
Set the whole thing on fire ( I use the fire elemental Inferno) but you can ask your Mom or Dad to help. Blow torches are quite wonderful.
If you can eat it without putting it out first, you’ll experience the delightful sensation of flames toasting your mustache. It tickles.

Winston’s favorite pickled herring & peanut butter parfait
Herrings in vinegar, rinsed and drained on several thicknesses of paper towel
Smooth or crunchy natural peanut butter
(Winston & I like the crunchy because it adds texture and is a good contrast to the sliminess of the fish)
Full-fat yogurt
Blend together, spoon into elegant glasses and chill
Garnish with a few fish-bones or a maraschino cherry

Dried clam chocolate roulade
Chocolate cake mix
Canned clams- rinsed and patted dry
Raspberry jam

Mix together the chocolate cake according to the instructions on the box. Spread the batter into a pan lined with greased wax paper. Bake for about 15 minutes at the temperature suggested until the cake bounces back when lightly touched with finger. Turn cake out onto a kitchen towel generously sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar (I often use the whole box). Remove the paper quickly and cut off the crispy edges (or leave them for some added interest). Roll cake with the towel inside immediately and let stand in a quiet room for 10 minutes. Unroll; spread cake with jam and dot lavishly with tiny, shriveled clams. Roll up again without the towel and dust with another box of confectioner’s sugar. Serves 1 liberally.