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Coming from a Dark Place

I think of myself as a happy person. When I first started writing as a young child, my stories were full of magic and possibility, and my first completed published book, a middle-grade, was made up largely of fantasy and … Continue reading

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Tough versus tender

So my friend and I were hanging out the other day in my bright sunroom, gazing through the windows at tight buds and green shoots and the wind-tossed sea, and drinking ginger tea, and speaking of ghastly things (because she … Continue reading

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My Perfect Agent

So since I moaned and griped about my agent search on this blog, it seems only right that I should make a formal announcement here as well. It took 7 months but I have finally found my perfect agent. She … Continue reading

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On Dating and Querying

So I thought I had a pretty thick skin these days, ’cause you know, I’ve experienced quite a few agent rejections in the last coupla months… But apparently, getting rejected by ‘boys’ (and by boys I mean ‘men’ sometimes) is … Continue reading

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Pouncing like a cat

The appropriately-named YA author Cat Clarke recently tweeted about how she works on her WIP by circumnavigating it via Twitter, Facebook, and random Internet surfing before sort of accidentally falling into her word.doc and being pleasantly surprised that it exists. … Continue reading

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Writing the hard book

Sixteen years ago, my best friend committed suicide. She hung herself in her mother’s garage. It was many years before I could speak it out loud without having a panic attack. May 29, 1995. Memorial Day in fact. Although I … Continue reading

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The Plan

Perhaps I should have titled this “The Plan that went awry”. So, when I started writing the book which became Ashes, Ashes, I went pretty deep into my characters’ back stories- in particular Grammalie Rose, Aidan, Sammy and Del’s pasts. … Continue reading

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The Dory Mindset

My friend, author E.M. Alexander and I shoot emails back and forth all the time. I call it mutual support, others might call it psychotic venting and marathon whinging sessions. However it is labeled, it has become vital. Even when … Continue reading

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Hurray (for epidermal thickening)!

So lately I’ve noticed that I have evolved a little. At least in regards to my book review sensibilities. I still maintain that I had to feel all those devastated emotions brought about by bad reviews to get to where … Continue reading

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So right now I have a manuscript out on submission, and one that has just gone through another round of revisions prior to being submitted, and I’m about 10,000 words in on a new book. This book scares me. I’m … Continue reading

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