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When it goes so right…

Currently I am revising a manuscript for the fourth time. I mean, fourth as in major revisions. I’m not counting all the other revisions I do in the course of hammering out a story. But this time each revision has … Continue reading

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Writing with children

I think these are true memories. But after all I am a writer, and I tend to embellish or rewrite. (Always revisioning!) However, it is such a strong recollection, visual and visceral, that I am sure it is real. I … Continue reading

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Happy 2014

Here’s a short graphic novel my son wrote and illustrated when he was six. I think it contains important *’life lessons’ especially poignant at this time of year when we are looking forward and sometimes backwards. *Not really but if … Continue reading

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A little something something

Hey you guys! So for a short time you can download my punk rock fictional narrative novella, LOVE YOU LIKE SUICIDE, for free for KINDLE. Just go visit or click here Book blog, Escape Through the Pages, called it … Continue reading

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Story Boarding

When I begin writing a new book and it’s still just a fragment of an idea whirling around in the maelstrom of my mind, one of the tools I use to let my imagination fly is photos or pictures that … Continue reading

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Ditching the social internet thing…..

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time… Being me, I wavered back and forth, back and forth, like a willow in a strong breeze before finally deciding to shut down my personal Facebook page and hide my … Continue reading

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Sick Lit

There was an article recently in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper (which by the way is not high-brow journalism at its finest AT ALL) but still I wanted to talk about it a little here. Here’s the link for that if … Continue reading

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Our new Holiday tradition

So this is the first Christmas since my husband and I split, where the kids are divided between us. Not as in half a kid here and half a kid there (though I call heads!) but they’ll be with me … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Old Brown Stockings

I’d post a random pic here but all the images I found when I googled ‘brown stockings’ are super sexy and fetishy and inappropriate for this blog and this post. I’m not talking about that kind of old brown stocking. … Continue reading

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Check out this awesome fan art from this website:   Nice review too. I think Lucy would be honoured to be standing next to Katniss Everdeen.

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