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Pocketful of Posies Chapter One

So, you guys, if you follow my blog you know that I started writing a companion book to Ashes, Ashes. It was a plan, and then a fervent hope that it would be published. That hope seems a little forlorn … Continue reading

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Ashes, Ashes Fan-made Book Trailer

Check out this awesome book trailer a fan made! So cool!

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Living like Ferdinand

The story of Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf (totally awesome name!) is one of my favorite childhood books. If you don’t know, Ferdinand is a gentle soul who just likes to smell the flowers until the day he sits … Continue reading

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On Dating and Querying

So I thought I had a pretty thick skin these days, ’cause you know, I’ve experienced quite a few agent rejections in the last coupla months… But apparently, getting rejected by ‘boys’ (and by boys I mean ‘men’ sometimes) is … Continue reading

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