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Magic…and having the stuffing knocked out of you

When I am standing inside a cathedral of trees, surrounded by a hundred different shades of green- lime, spring, olive, velvet, emerald, moss, pea, viridian, pine, grass, apple, I have no trouble imagining a magical world and my safe place … Continue reading

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Ponderings #1 (In which I talk about God knows what)

I’ve always hated that saying, You’re born alone, You die alone. Really? I think that when we are born we hear our mother’s heartbeat, and the rush of her blood, and we are connected to her, are we not? until … Continue reading

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Coming from a Dark Place

I think of myself as a happy person. When I first started writing as a young child, my stories were full of magic and possibility, and my first completed published book, a middle-grade, was made up largely of fantasy and … Continue reading

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My Trip to Toronto

Last week I had the thrill (and honor) of going to Toronto for the Ontario Library Association’s White Pine awards. (Helpful notes: Do not wear jeans with an extra inside coin pocket. Do not have tissue in your pocket. Do … Continue reading

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