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Pouncing like a cat

The appropriately-named YA author Cat Clarke recently tweeted about how she works on her WIP by circumnavigating it via Twitter, Facebook, and random Internet surfing before sort of accidentally falling into her word.doc and being pleasantly surprised that it exists. … Continue reading

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Writing the hard book

Sixteen years ago, my best friend committed suicide. She hung herself in her mother’s garage. It was many years before I could speak it out loud without having a panic attack. May 29, 1995. Memorial Day in fact. Although I … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Book Club

Look how excited they seem! This makes me ecstatic!

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The Plan

Perhaps I should have titled this “The Plan that went awry”. So, when I started writing the book which became Ashes, Ashes, I went pretty deep into my characters’ back stories- in particular Grammalie Rose, Aidan, Sammy and Del’s pasts. … Continue reading

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