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The Place of Still

Sometimes I feel like a leaf caught in the current. Kids, work, family, the phone, the internet. My yoga teacher told me you’re not a bird in the sky. You are the sky. Clouds drift across, in and out, don’t … Continue reading

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K-I-S-S-I-N-G/ Romance in YA

It seems appropriate that it’s the month of Valentine (or more accurately/grossly/bloodily the feast of Lupercalia- go google it. I’ll wait). Back? Wondering why Hallmark didn’t make a card for that? Enlightened? Good. So once again I am wondering about … Continue reading

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WIP it!

Just finished the first draft of my new book after nightmare marathon session lasting until the wee hours of the morning. Jo don’t do late nights well. Yesterday I sent it to two of my betas and printed it out … Continue reading

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My writer friend Aimee Ferris has been holding a contest for her smart and fun new YA book Will Work For Prom Dress featuring a veritable pantheon of kid lit authors and literati wearing their finest prom or anti-prom feathers. … Continue reading

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Speechy Speech

I just appeared at the Atlantic Book Fair. It’s a small convention for the maritimes provinces booksellers, publishers and authors, and also for the major publishers who send their sales reps out this a way. My only previous experience was … Continue reading

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Snow Days

I’m about 44,000 words into my new book and finally, after a few miserable weeks of slogging, am feeling pretty happy about the way the story is developing. It’s all starting to come together. The end is in sight. I … Continue reading

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Writing and Dreaming

The little one’s been sick for the last week so she’s been in our bed. This is distracting and I don’t get the 9 hours (yeah I said 9!) that I like which means on the weekends I sleep in. … Continue reading

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