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Nostalgia or something like that

It’s the day before the 1st of December.Tomorrow the kids get their advent calendars (the German kind with chocolates behind each window, of course).I almost bought a box of Xmas crackers this morning. I was supposed to be buying photo … Continue reading

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Happy Day!

Although I am Canadian, and now (after 30 years or so elsewhere) live in Canada again, and although we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving with the rest of the country last month, American Thanksgiving remains close to my heart.As newcomers to … Continue reading

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I recently started taking yoga so forgive me if I tread the path of enlightenment for just a moment.There’s a lot of meditation in the class. And also a lot of inversions (hanging upside down), and bendy exercises and pose-striking.(note- … Continue reading

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Oh I’ve got a secret

Well it’s not really a secret because I’m about to tell you…But maybe you can guess. The picture above is a clue.Yes, a clue. (Hmmm. Enigmatic wrinkling of the brow). I just received a box by special courier from NYC.And … Continue reading

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High School Sucked!

At some point in high school- perhaps for all of the 10th grade- I was often called ‘Joey Ramone’. People on the street would yell at me as I slunk along trying to blend into the shadows.One might conceivably take … Continue reading

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The Boy With The Purple Hair

Yesterday the family and I took a little trip to Annapolis Royale on the north shore of Nova Scotia. It’s a 1 and 1/2 hour drive straight across the mainland, through woodland and past signs warning drivers to look out … Continue reading

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I apologize profusely for not blogging for a couple of weeks.It’s been a combination of sudden frenetic busyness in my world and a lack of very much to say. And I’ve been working on my WIP.Yes, the same old one … Continue reading

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