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50 new followers= 50 embarrassing admissions

I wouldn’t say precisely that I am on the hunt for new blog followers. I like the ones I have just fine. We are familiar with each other. We are loyal. We enjoy each others companyBUTI do have a new … Continue reading

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Come in! (*pats couch invitingly*) I’ve been doing the blog for a while now and I’d love to know more about the people who visit/lurk/comment and why you do. I thought it was time for us to get to know … Continue reading

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The Nay-Sayer and the Second-Guesser

I belonged to a writing group for about 5 years. It was wonderful (and I wrote my first published book there) but writing groups evolve. People come, people go, the focus changes. It started out as fiction and memoir, enjoyed … Continue reading

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The Let-Down

One of my friends told me shortly after our sons were born that she had looked into his face after a long and arduous labor and had felt nothing. She said it in a very matter-of-fact way, (she had given … Continue reading

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I’m not sure exactly why I decided to blog on this subject because I’m not sure I have anything useful to offer.Voice is one of those weird things.Most beginning writers haven’t found theirs yet.I certainly hadn’t until a couple of … Continue reading

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My editor isn’t sure if tweeting has any effect on book sales. What about all the cool YA book blog sites? I ask. Those people are so enthusiastic about YA that they must surely create a buzz? I certainly find … Continue reading

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