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At a loss for anything to blog about right now… Hello, moving house tomorrow morning! I figured I would turn to the natural subject people rely on when they have nothing interesting to say. The always thrilling and informative subject … Continue reading

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Did I ever tell you about the time I met David Bowie?Little known facts:He has eyebrowsHe is not 8 feet tallHe has a tribal tattoo on the back of his (I think) right calfAnd he smells absolutely delicious. He lived … Continue reading

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The Books in between

In between the BOOKS. There are the books.Entire manuscripts completed,and sweated over that for whatever reason, didn’t work.I have four of them.They came between The Curious Misadventures of Feltus Ovalton and Ashes, Ashes, and I easily loved them as much … Continue reading

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The Secret Room

In my present home we have no attic (just a hot and dirty crawl space under the roof) and only half a basement which is wet or flooded most of the year. The house sits on a massive slab of … Continue reading

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The Aftermath

I received my editor’s notes on May 24th. Read through them. Had myself a good cry (both sobs of joy and frustration). Then I thought about everything she had said for a couple of days. On May 26th, I sat … Continue reading

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First Drafts

Your first draft is going to suck.Possibly your 4th and 5th one too.I probably revise about 3 X before I even let my beta readers read the manuscript.Then after I’ve received their comments and criticisms I edit again a couple … Continue reading

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