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Warning!!! This post contains lamely-disguised contractions of bad words. When I had my record label we used to make fun of rappers who used the word motherf**ker to excess, especially those who just inserted it willy nilly to make the … Continue reading

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Clothing myself in the story

I may possibly inhabit my stories and my character’s skins too much. I’m not entirely sure. A few years ago my husband bought me a small hand-held voice activated recorder so that I could speak the flurry of my thoughts … Continue reading

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Insipid Heroines

In real life I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone truly insipid. Boring perhaps but mostly because their interests don’t mesh with mine. Or they insist on trying to grab the center of attention spotlight away from myself. Actually that … Continue reading

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Feeling My Way

This is how it works for me.I write an outline.Some character sketches.Get a basic plot idea.Start to fill in.Usually I know what the first few chapter will be about. I know where I want to start. I know where I … Continue reading

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Step away from the hoity toity

I’m a critical reader.I read loads of YA and MG books and some of them leave me cold. Meh. (shrugs shoulders).I pretty much always read a best-seller out of curiosity and frequently I am punished for it.We used to talk … Continue reading

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Saturday’s writing workshop

I think I did my first reading/writing workshop a month after my first book came out. So that would be…ummmm…about 4 years ago. It was hosted by our local library and I arrived lumbered with poster boards and books for … Continue reading

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Before my first book (The Curious Misadventures of Feltus Ovalton) came out I sent a few letters to some children’s lit authors I admired. I chose Louis Sachar and Eva Ibbotson because they combined humor with fantasy, and Philip Pullman … Continue reading

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My Trip to Scholastic

Although I only live 90 miles north of New York City I don’t make it down there as often as I would like. Maybe once every five months or so.However this weekend we had to do some boring personal business … Continue reading

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Computer Dependency

Computer died.This is akin to a pet dying.It is not altogether dead but the bits I need to work (ie. keyboard keys) are not dependably working. There are apparently many ‘n’s in my writing. This would be my silver macbook … Continue reading

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Telling Tales from Life

The WIP I just revised (FIERCE) started life as a memoir. Incidentally memoir is a really good way to start digging into writing, and there seem to be more memoir writing groups around than other genres, BUT be cautioned that … Continue reading

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